You are an expert at what you do.

You want the world to know about it.

Join the Conscious Connection Marketing Program and learn how as an ethical entrepreneur you can market with integrity and authenticiity all while mindfully building your brand and business.

What if I told you it's possible to be a great marketer without following the latest trends or living on social media?

We are in a time of transition.

People in general are tired of being marketed to and talked at.

They are seeking real connection and honest communication.

You don't want to participate in marketing tactics that make your stomach churn, make you feel uncomfortable or look at your next client as mearly a source of income instead of a human being that you feel deeply compelled to serve.

As a entrepreneneur you begin to wonder how you will ever connect with your people, how you will build a following and if you have what it takes to promote the business you have built.

What if it were possible to grow your business and

reach your goals by:

  • Speaking your truth and allowing others to see all of you- flaws, quirks, successes and impact alike
  • Sharing the deep benefits and value you offer in a way that brings people into your circle, welcomes them and doesn't have to convince them to stay
  • Acting only in ways that align with your true intentions and the spirit of your work

And what if I told you it is possible to get there without...

  • Spamming DM's to people at random on a variety of social media platforms
  • The spray and prey method of marketing, where you push out as much content as possible and hope someone, anyone will hear your message
  • Forgetting who you really are and why you are in business for the first place

That's where the concept of "Conscious Connetion" comes in

Showing up to the world ...

  • 100% authentically, with no filters or fluff
  • Speaking your truth and learning to trust it will be heard
  • As an ethical entrepreneur who cares more about their impact than their revenue

During the 12 week Conscious Connection Program , we will work on each of these core topics

  • The 4 essential "P's" of marketing and how you can use them each time you promote a new program or product. Includes the 20 page e-book "60 Minute Marketing Method"

  • Audience and Personas: Who is your target, do you really understand them deeply? We'll go deep so you can learn to create content and posts that speak to the heart of your audience and have them leaning in to hear more from you.

  • Unique Selling Proposition: What is yours? What does it matter? How can you communicate it? Why are you better and How are you different?

  • Value and Benefit vs Features: Why language matters and how to write your content to convert

  • 3 Cs of Online Marketing: Create, Capture, Convert

  • Create traffic of your ideal client to your social profiles, website and funnels
    - Profile priming
    - Content management
    - Content creation

  • Capture Leads: Turning traffic into engaged leads
    - How to capture them from social
    - How to communicate with them
    - DM's and email- managing social media response

  • Convert Clients: How to be authentic and non salesy and enroll more clients that you have before
    - Best practice sales/discovery calls
    - Discovery call script template to increase conversion

  • Tools/Templates:
    - Social media content creation calendar
    - Daily social media management tracker
    - Monthly marketing KPI tracker
    - 60 Minute Marketing Method e-book

- Discovery call script template

Hear What My Clients Say...


This course showed me the actual components of successful marketing and I could understand it! I never thought I would get what marketing was all about. Now I do! I have the beginnings of tools and understanding."

- Brenda Thompson


"She kicks my butt- in a good way! She holds me accountable to the daily things that are non negotiable to do for my success. She has helped me so much!"

- Aya Egbuho


"Her passion to help you build your dreams is so valuable. She listens, guides and teaches excellent leadership practices that will last a lifetime. One of the best!"

- Shawnna Dye

Proven Processes. Proven Success.

Get exclusive expert resources you won't find anywhere else. With more than 20 years of experience in Sales and Marketing, you'll have access to knowledge in the following areas

Copy Writing

Find the keys to content that speaks to your strengths and unique expertise


Understand how to use email: newsletters vs. campaigns and information vs. offers

Online Visibility

Learn the different ways to create traffic to your website and social profiles

Websites and Funnels

Gain insight into online human behavior and use it to build a strong online tools

Social Media

Prime your profiles and learn how to interact with organic leads with authenticity


It's possible to serve your audience with a thoughtful sales process- Learn how!

More From Another Happy Client...

Shell Christensen

"For months I have been in overwhelm and confusion about how to lay the foundation for a new business project, second guessing my ideas and needless to say making no progress.

I had the vision in my head but didn’t know how to put it into a plan . In just 3 short weeks (one more week to go) I have been able to fine tune my vision & mission statement, gain clarity on the content & marketing of my group page, and better understanding of how all the pieces fit together. If any of this resonates with you, I highly recommend working with Meredith.

Invest and Scale Your Business

Join the Conscious Connection Marketing Program Today!

Next Group Starts in April, 2024

Lifetime Access to All Lessons, Videos and Content


  • Two 90 minute LIVE coaching courses with Meredith each month
  • Two 60 minute LIVE open coaching sessions where you can get all of your quesions answered
  • Each LIVE session includes training that goes beyond theory by providing you with actual proven steps to take
  • Group Q and A included in each class
  • "On the Spot" coaching each week where the group can learn from one another and implement new stratgies more quickly
  • Recordings of all sessions to refer back to
  • Free copy of the 60 Minute Marketing Method ebook to help you each time you launch a new product or program
  • Social Media Content Calendar
  • Social Media Activity Tracker
  • Maximum class size of 6 students
  • BONUS: 30 minute coaching call with Meredith at the conclusion of the series to ensure you have next steps outlined and understood.

Who’s this course for?

This course is not for everyone.

Here’s who should enroll:

Who Should Enroll

  • Entrepreneurs who value authenticity and are turned off by hype
  • Business owners who believe deeply in thier work
  • Coaches who have tried "everything" and just can't figure out what they are doing "wrong"
  • Frustrated content creators who feel like all of thier work isn't producing returns
  • Industry experts who want to focus on thier zone of genius and not chase their tail when it comes to marketing
  • Good humans who are tired of the high pressure sales and marketing tactics being used by so many coaches, creators and course sellers
  • Business people who don't like marketing and feel underqualified, unresourceful and burnt out by the process
  • Those who shy away from the "sales" process because it doesn't feel honest or transparent
  • Entrepreneurs who are ready for help and willing to learn, try new things and build an abundance mindset"

Who Should Not Enroll

  • Those who want someone to just do all of the work for them. This is a "Done with you" program
  • People who like high pressure sales and marketing strategies
  • Those with a closed mindset- I will ask you to try new things or to try something again that may not have worked for you in the past
  • Anyone expecting overnight succcess. Marketing is a process and while my clients do see success quickly, it's important to have appropriate expectations
  • Folks with a closed mindset. My most successful clients stay open to what's possible.

Meet Meredith

Back in 1999, I moved from Seattle to Spokane, Wa, where my husband, kids and I still live today. I took a job for $10 an hour ( I know right...)

It was my first real corporate opportunity and I made the most of it. Learning all of the in's and out's of finance, marketing, sales and operations.

Over the next 13 years I leveled up my skills - specifically in business strategy, public relations, communication, sales and marketing. I was blessed to make it to the executive level as VP of Marketing.

I loved my job and the company I worked for- the traditional 9-5 just wasn't working for our family. So when our son was born in 2012- I quit.

With no idea what my next step was going to be, I jumped into being a full time mom. That didn't last a hot minute. I love to work and I love business. And our lifestyle is two income. I knew there had to be a way to earn an income from home doing something I loved.

Before I knew it, Banka Consulting was born. Since then, my passion and business have evolved.

Now I work with business owners and entrepreneurs to help them take the mystery out of marketing and learn to love how to share thier important work with the world.

I know the more people I help to realize their business dreams, the more families and communities will benefit. Your future success drives me every day. I can't wait to help you reach your goals!

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